This company focuses on media technology, creative services and finance. Media technology and information systems often go hand in hand these days, thus Auxecutive also performs services in IT projects that may or may not involve the motion imaging industry. Auxecutive has helped fund television and motion picture projects and assisted in the creation of a medical television feature.

Green EV Systems

Originally founded to integrate alternative energy with an electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Green EV consulted with members of Shanghai University on developing an electric vehicle charging system run completely on clean energy. Our company now provides consulting and thought leadership in both fields and intends to help lead the way to a green electric mobility infrastructure here in the United States.

42nd Parallel Group (42PG, LLC)

42PG, LLC is an Arrington-Johnson company d/b/a 42nd Parallel Group. Our mission is to assist communities and municipalities with the development of sustainable-themed infrastructure improvements that address blight remediation, storm water management and alternative energy. We have assisted community organizations with the development of concepts for design-build projects that include the re-purposing of abandoned properties, urban agriculture initiatives and other elements of green infrastructure.