Who We Are!

Arrington-Johnson is a technical management firm with subsidiaries and associate companies providing services in multiple disciplines. Our primary business is managing projects in engineering, architecture, construction, healthcare, media production and finance. Our diversity is attributed mostly to the many associate companies that appreciate our business development and management services. We are skilled in team development, which allows us to evaluate projects, products and services more efficiently. Arrington-Johnson is known for thought leadership in the fields of alternative energy, electric vehicles and inclusive accessibility. Our competitive advantages are professional diversity and agility. We have been known for our involvement alternative energy and green infrastructure accomplishments within the city of Detroit, along with media productions and financing that reach across international borders. Our diversity and team building expertise allows us to quickly adapt to changes. We are a family of engineers, educators and creative thinkers. We love solving problems and generating solutions!

We are always expanding our teams in multiple cities and looking for interesting projects from large companies and small startups alike. Write to us or give us a call (888) 470-0008. Tell us what your business needs or ask us how our resources can enhance your success.

Our Story

Arrington-Johnson is a family-owned business that was founded in 2001, the start of this millennium. Our philosophy is to treat our associates and customers like family, so family comes first. Our firm began as Louson-Theorem Engineering Associates in 1985, formed by a group of University of Michigan students and managed by Louis Johnson IV. Louson-Theorem had over 60 individual members in technology disciplines such as astrophysics, broadcast engineering, computer engineering, computer science, electrical/electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering and systems engineering. Its primary focus was solving problems, black box design and systems integration. Louson-Theorem was acquired by Arrington-Johnson, of which Renee Arrington-Johnson is the founder and C.E.O. and Mr. Johnson is the co-founder and managing director.

Our Approach

As a family, we are strongly motivated to provide the best professional and personalized service in business development and project management. Our methodology in solving problems or providing solutions typically involves quickly forming specialized teams uniquely tailored to your business or project specifications. We are masters at research and communication, keeping our client in the loop at all times.